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About You
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Marital Status:
Are you a Homeless or a Runaway?
Are you a Foster Child?
Are you an offender?
Are you a Disabled?
Are you a Veteran?
Are you a parent or pregnant youth? If yes, how many children?
Do you need childcare assistance?
What do you use for transportation?
Do you have identification?
Do you have a birth certificate?
Are you willing to take a drug test?
Did you graduate High School?
Are you currently enrolled in school? School Name:
Are you a High School Drop Out? Highest grade completed: Last Year Attended:
Do you have a GED? Date obtained:
Household & Employment
Are you currently employed?
How many people live in your house?
How many people living there are employed?
What type of income does the household recieve?
Other type of income:
Are you interested in receiving a certification that can help you get a job?
What would you like to do for employment?
Note: Participating in employment and internship experiences will require drug testing and a background check prior to placement.
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